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Our frictionless business approach delivers flexible, cost-efficient & superior solutions customized for your brand & your business. They are designed to optimize the complex processes associated with international operations in French-speaking countries.​

A La Carte

À La Carte Solutions

Frenchwide offers companies and non-profits a buffet-style solution for ad hoc or variable needs (occasional and long-term needs).


We can translate materials, help find qualified French-speaking candidates, train employees, contact a vendor or a client, and much more. You just select the service(s) needed.



  • One-time support (one-time fee. Period!)

  • Long-term support (cost per hour, or subscription-based support, for one or more services)


Project-based Solutions

Frenchwide can help you with your with your project’s heavy lifting. You want to translate and localize your web platform? You want to open a new office in a French-speaking country? You need our expertise to understand a new market before expanding your business into a francophone country? We can support your initiatives.

Full Cycle

Full-cycle Services

Whether you have limited resources or need a flexible solution to develop your activities or sustain your business initiatives in French-speaking countries, we can help by providing you (on-site and off-site) with our full spectrum of services to cover all your short-term and long-term needs:



  • Legal support

  • Customer service

  • Translation

  • Content localization

  • Employee training & coaching

  • Business development

  • Market insights & research

  • Fraud prevention

  • Risk management

  • Competitive intelligence

  • And much more

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