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Frenchwide offers consulting services to enhance business decision-making

Our consulting services cover exclusively the French-speaking markets, primarily Europe and Canada, in the following areas: market trends, insights & growth opportunities, competitive intelligence, training & coaching, risk management, lobbying & advocacy
Insights / CI
Market Insights

The winners in today’s market economy have a clear understanding of their markets, their customers and their competition. This is the reason why market insight research is closely connected to business development and competitive intelligence.


Market insights' purpose is to discover a fact or a truth about a market, a competitor or consumers (and their motivations), to help organizations strategically navigate in the changing marketplace, generate growth and increased profits, and stay ahead of the competition.


In order for our clients to understand the challenges and opportunities that impact their business, Frenchwide creates actionable solutions through analysis, measurements, and presentations. We provide you with a wide variety of market statistics, competitive data, and customer information, to build a picture of your competitive position in the market and possibly generate ideas for new products and services.

  • Demographic & product behavior

  • Customer & market segmentation

  • Growth and market forecasting

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive intelligence is the process of legally and ethically defining, collecting and analyzing information - from numerous sources - about competitors’ strengths and weaknesses (products, customers, projects, strategy, business architecture) to enhance tactical and strategic business decision-making, in order to gain a competitive advantage or improve your bottom line.


Although competitive intelligence is not a forecasting tool, it is used to foresee and identify risks, threats, vulnerabilities, new trends and opportunities in the market before they become reality.


Frenchwide's consulting services cover short-term and long-term competitive intelligence for French-speaking markets exclusively:

  • Short-term: pricing strategy, customer & vendor monitoring, intellectual property protection, advertising strategy, and communication campaign​

  • Long-term: merger & acquisition, R&D, product development, long-term market prospects & positioning, legislative & regulatory impact on business

Legal / Risk Management

Legal & Process Compliance Support

Risk Management

Developing and conducting business in a foreign country can be challenging. Organizations can quickly feel overwhelmed by the legal complexities of international business. Without proper legal advice and support, they might waste valued time and capital, and even be subject to fines and penalties.


Frenchwide helps clients understand the administrative environment of their target markets, & their legal & regulatory frameworks, in the following fields:

  • Labor & social regulations

  • Tax & business laws

  • Consumer protection

  • Fair competition rules

  • Legal change forecasting


You can be assisted by our in-house lawyers and the local law firms we partner with for your day-to-day operations.

Frenchwide helps clients identify, characterize and assess threats in order to anticipate and mitigate vulnerabilities in French-speaking markets, and strategically prioritize risk reduction measures.


Our risk management services are implemented to be an integral part of your organizational processes and decision making process.


We offer our expertise in four major risk fields:

  • Enterprise risk management

  • Project risk management

  • Risk communication

  • Business continuity planning

Training / Lobbying

Training & Coaching

Lobbying & Advocacy

Frenchwide's offer training and coaching services to companies and non-profits. We help employees - from contributors to managers to executives - understand their target markets (French-speaking clients, customers, vendors, business culture and architecture, market forces, mentalities, consumer behaviors and habits, foreign employees on site and abroad, contractors, legal barriers, and much more). We offer two types of solutions:


Corporate solutions:

  • Business architecture & systems

  • Laws, regulations & codes

  • Talent relationship & management

  • Functional practices

  • Language, cultures & behaviors


Individual solutions:


We can help your people get business and culture savvy before traveling, working, or settling in French-speaking countries.

  • Business trip (management do's and don'ts, cross-cultural communication)

  • Global expansion & relocalization (new office opening, job transfer)

Penetrating new markets and being successful can be challenging due to different legal constraints and norms of protection, cultural bias, consumer behaviors, bitterness and resentment against a country or an industry, business bashing, and irrational fears.


Frenchwide's lobbying and advocacy department can help corporations and businesses overcome these obstacles by pleading their cause or arguing in favor of their business (new products or services, new needs), or by lobbying to influence legislators and public policy decisions:

  • Government relations & lobbying

  • Advocacy

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