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Business Support

Day-to-Day Operations & Business Support

People and time are constant issues for small businesses and middle market companies. Many of them also have limited financial resources. Shortage of key people and specialists means each employee must function across a wide spectrum of functions for which they may not have expertise or time.



As specialization and time become critical in day-to-day business operations, Frenchwide partners with clients in the following areas - without being limited to:


  • Employee support

  • Client & customer relations

  • Fraud prevention

  • Operational issues

  • Business negotiations

  • Payment issues

  • Relations with vendors

  • Relations with distributors

  • Communication

Business Development

Sales & Business Development

Business development relates to sales, partnerships, markets, customers, and strategy all together. Any successful business development effort relies on an underlying foundation of strong relationships with clients, employees, contractors, partners, vendors, officials, and the press.



Frenchwide helps clients manage and leverage relationships to create opportunities and partnerships, to drive revenue, and create value that persists over the long-term.



  • Market understanding

  • Sales & growth opportunities

  • Trend research

  • Partnerships identification

  • Deal negotiation & sales closing

  • Post-deal & account management

  • Strategic improvements (cost reduction, relations improvement, etc.)

Client Services

Client Support (B2B) & Customer Service (B2C)

Customer service plays an important role in an organization's ability to generate income and revenue as customers are the source of real growth.


For this reason, Frenchwide helps clients assist their French-speaking corporate and individual customers before, during and after a purchase or business contract. We offer two types of services:



  • We actively manage your client & customer service function through various support channels (phone, email, chat)

  • As part of our consulting services, we help you understand your customer needs, behaviors and expectations to create sustainable, organic growth (customer experience, pricing, brand strategy, loyalty). 


Talent Acquisition & Management

Talent acquisition is the single most important asset and investment that contributes to your bottom line and/or strategy. If seeking qualified French-speaking talent is challenging for you, we can help you by taking that burden away.

Our talent acquisition toolkit includes:

  • Recruiting (sourcing, screening, interviewing, assessing)

  • Talent acquisition planning & strategy (workforce plans, market benchmarks)

  • Workforce segmentation (position descriptions, leveling, experiences, performance management, skills)

  • Employment branding (products, services, reputation, organizational culture, careers website, social media)

  • Candidate relationship management

  • Measurement (metrics & analytics)

Workforce Outsourcing

Frenchwide provides staffing services that meet your constantly changing needs. With a sound and clear understanding of the requirements and priorities of our clients, each goal is defined and measurable.

Our staffing services include on site and offsite solutions for a variety of industries and positions:


  • Full Time

  • Part time

  • Temps

  • Temps to hire

  • Direct placement

  • Outplacement staffing


Specialized professionals are available to help you on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis in several areas including: research, support, analysis, and project management.

Translation Services

French and English are the only language pair we offer. This allows us to focus on these two languages exclusively and deliver exceptional quality translations for the following media:

  • Websites & platforms

  • Documentations

  • Promotional materials

  • Business & legal documents

  • Mobile apps

  • Email campaigns

  • PR statements

We also offer editing and proofreading services as part of a translation project or as standalone services. Three pricing options are available for our clients to choose from: cost per source word / cost per hour / cost per month (this option is a flexible subscription plan for businesses that need our prompt assistance in the long-term). We offer the following guarantees:

  • Information confidentiality

  • Competitive translation rates

  • Quick response time

  • No contract, no commitment

  • No minimum work required

  • No minimum charge

  • No hidden fees

  • Fair refund policy

Localization Services

Localization is the process of adapting a product or content to a specific locale - country or region. Every day we help businesses and non-profits communicate effectively to their audiences, by making sure the content of their communications is linguistically and culturally sensitive and adapted to their target markets:


  • Language (local specificities)

  • Graphics

  • Layout & media navigation

  • Colors

  • Symbols

  • Currencies

  • Formats (date, number, etc.)

  • Local regulations

  • Taboo

  • Codes

Once a medium has been localized, its correct functionality and completeness must be tested before market release (publication, distribution, product launch, go-live stage):


  • Websites, platforms, & apps

  • Product documentation

  • Multimedia communication

  • Marketing campaigns

  • Promotional materials (brochure, flyer)

  • Business documents


In addition to its translation and localization services, Frenchwide helps clients expand their business opportunities and maximize their initiatives with reliable and accurate interpreting. Our proficient interpreters are trained and experienced linguists, with expertise in legal, business and technology terminology. Our services are delivered in two types and three modalities:


  • Conference

  • Escort (for a person or a delegation)

  • On-site

  • Telephone

  • Video

We provide simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services to clients wherever (scheduled or emergency services) and whenever they need an interpreter, for:


  • Conferences & meetings

  • Seminars

  • Foreign visitors

  • Interviews & evaluations

  • Business travels

  • Training sessions


We deliver an unmatched level of service, expertise, and confidentiality, to fully meet our clients' interpretation needs.

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