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Frenchwide is your partner for your short-term

and long-term business needs

Frenchwide's founding vision is simple: offer a full array of customized and flexible support and consulting services to organizations, to help sustain business initiatives in French-speaking markets, and make better decisions. We are guided by strong values and principles to deliver with agility. Working smarter is our leitmotiv.


We partner in many different ways to develop business and improve performance in the major French-speaking markets. We know that every business is different. So we work hands-on with you to create flexible solutions adapted to your target markets, your organization, your business strategy and your constraints, and to help you gain actionable insight from the data you own.


We deeply believe that a mixture of robust business analysis, full service support and understanding of organization and consumer behavior can give our clients a competitive business edge.



Frenchwide is the product of a business project named French Logics. French Logics was an offline organization helping freelancers and contractors specialized in French-speaking markets centralize and rationalize their business development, client research and marketing efforts, and mutualize their resources for this purpose.


Since February 2013, we have embarked on a more ambitious endeavor! We transformed French Logics into a more integrated and ambitious organization, to actively assist startup companies as well as small businesses and middle-market companies in growing their French-speaking initiatives in Canada, Europe and Africa.


Frenchwide shares the values that we held true at French Logics: being strongly customer centric and focused on bringing consumer-like ease of use to the consulting and outsourcing business, through truly amazing solutions. We have built up strong teams to solve our clients’ high value problems.



Our principles and commitments guide how we conduct business every day, and indicate how we promote trust, responsibility, teamwork and professionalism in the interest of our clients. We are judged by how we act, so we work hard to manage our operations with care. Through our unique spectrum of consulting and support services, our experienced teams are ready to be valuable partners throughout the entire business lifecycle.


  • QUALITY - It is the uncompromising Standard for Frenchwide’s actions.

  • SIMPLICITY - We cut straight to the root of the matter to find elegant solutions to complex problems.

  • TRUST - Personal responsibility is at the heart of our relationships with clients. Our clients’ interests always come first.

  • INNOVATION & RESOURCEFULNESS - As thought leaders in talent, we forge new paths and explore all possibilities to best serve our clients.

  • MEASUREMENT - We strive to improve everything we do.



The finest business solutions draw on sound strategy and great support. Frenchwide is headquartered in Chicago and New York, but we live at the intersection of business, law, strategy and language.


Our clients are as distinct as we are, and their problems equally diverse. We revitalize and rethink what’s possible for their French-speaking business initiatives, and our teams execute at every stage of the process, from concept to go-live.


  • Flexible solutions customized for your brand and your business

  • Large array of services covering various fields and industries

  • No task too big or too small

  • Cost-efficient support

  • Major French-speaking markets covered

  • Holistic approach of business ecosystems

  • Recognized capacity for systems thinking

  • Teams of international consultants and highly specialized business professionals

  • Proactive strategy to deliver unmatchable service and results

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